I am late but here it is! Midterm Update – fixed!

This is to let everyone know that – thanks to Aaron’s help last week – I managed to fix the scoring glitch that I had in my game!

My game logic was missing a lot of elements here and there, which resulted in a massive bug that crashed the whole game.

Fixing a few functions inside the main class and adding id tracking variables and array in mousePressed() helped to resolve this issue.

void mousePressed() {
  // play sound
  for (int i=0; i<cards.length; i++) {
    // only flip cards over if there are less than 2 flipped
    if (amountFlipped<2) {
      // only flip if the card hasn't been flipped
      // and also hasn't been matched (just to be safe)
      if (!cards[i].flipped && !cards[i].matched) {
        // check which card got clicked
        if (cards[i].checkClicked()) {
          // we've flipped it now so increase the amount that have been flipped

// check the IDs of the flipped cards
void checkIDs() {
  // make sure we have two flipped 
  // (already checked in mousePressed to make sure we're not counting matched cards)
  if (amountFlipped == 2) {
    // we need to keep track to make sure we check two cards
    // this index does that (we already made sure it's only two just above)
    int thisIndex = 0;
    for (int i=0; i<cards.length; i++) {
      // if the card is flipped, AND is NOT matched
      if (cards[i].flipped && !cards[i].matched) {
        // get that card's ID and its index
        ids[thisIndex] = cards[i].id;
        whichCard[thisIndex] = cards[i].index;
        // increment our local index
    // if we have something for both cards (otherwise one would be -1)
    if (whichCard[0]>=0 && whichCard[1]>=0) {
      // if they match set to matched and increase score
      if (ids[0] == ids[1]) {
        cards[whichCard[0]].matched = true;
        cards[whichCard[1]].matched = true;
        if (score == numCards/2){
           scene = 2;
      } else { // otherwise trigger the timer and reset things back to -1
        ids = new int[]{-1, -1};
        whichCard = new int[]{-1, -1};
      // always reset the amountflipped back to 0 so we can start again
      amountFlipped = 0;


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