Mid term final documentation- The Shining.


  • The project started out as not knowing which artistic direction to take. Initially I wanted to create a tricycle based POV going through the halls of the outlook hotel inspired by the shining.
  • It was too challenging, so I tried to make a candy based game where when points were won, the character’s waist would grow in size.
  • I achieved some elements of it. But not fully (you can find the documentation for that in older posts.)
  • Finally, I decided to combine the two. A ghost going through the out look hotel, to find Johnny in the secret door if he does not collide with the falling candy droplets.
  • What I learned:
  • How to structure code more efficiently.
  • How to use classes and objects.
  • Deal with growing code.
  • compartmentalize
  • writing better comments
  • What I can improve on:
  • complex game mechanics
  • isolating code
  • sticking with one idea

mid term – zip file

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