Flash Warning- Meera

I couldn’t get very creative with my idea. It was hard trying to think of a fun pattern, I went over my class notes and played around with colors hoping I would get inspired but it was still very hard. the more I played around with the code I was able to see some sort of idea come out of it. My idea is is a colorful street. the dots in the center is supposed to represent a moving road, and the colorful squares are the top of the passing by buildings. the outcome really reminded me of a game but it can give headaches if one was to stare for to long. To be more specific it reminded me of pac man, so I decided to recreate it, or atleast attempt to recreate it.and here are my results.

int w= 30;
int x = 20;
int h = 600;
int center= h;
int paracenter = 100;
void setup(){
size( 600, 600);
rectMode( CENTER);

void draw(){
   //circle(300,300, 400);
   for (int i = 0; i<width; i+=w){
    rect(random(i+ w/2), random(center-50,center+50), x, 100);
     rect(random(i+ w/2), random(paracenter-50,paracenter+50), x, 100);
   arc(25, 355, 90, 90, 0, TWO_PI - QUARTER_PI , PIE);

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