User-testing process

I user tested my product and found that everything was working fine, except that the projection wasn’t going white when the marker was not detected, and instead showed what the camera was picking up continuously.

This was something that I was able to fix easily, with adding just one more line of code, but it felt great because a few weeks ago, I would have not at all been able to navigate my way through code, and now I could.

After fixing the issue, I did another user test;

This time everything worked perfectly fine. However I felt that I want it to be a bit longer, and have some sort of finish, since people kept going to the next page, so I decided to add one more animation, that would make it a bit longer, create a sense of a finish, and bring it all back to the theme of the book; magic.

I’m glad I added the last animation because I think it really helped create an ending. A lot of little challenges arised during this project and I’m so happy that it turned out how I envisioned it.


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