Final Project Update – Crisis? I think so.

The screen and buikding aspect – I took measurements of the screen and I am going to start building the box Tuesday afternoon. I’m not stressed about this at all, I think the box is going to turn out very pleasing aesthetically and visually. I know how high the screen will be off the desk, and its h x l measurements.

The Coding aspect – Remember when I mentioned those mental breakdowns? They’re hitting a bit too early with this project. All the code I spent time with the professor writing is gone. I didn’t save it, my laptop ran out of charge and now I have to remember what we did and try to do it again tonight. I – will not say anything else about that. Will probably have to book an appointment (or several) with a few lab instructors tomorrow and get it sorted out.

As for the visual aspect of the process, it is going well, I found a way to turn the drawings into vectors and to cut them perfectly for the interface.

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