In Class Exercises

Start with which ever is easiest, go deep or try as many as you can get through. Post at least one finished one on the blog (with images/video/code/etc.)

  • Take an image and make an artistic collage with sections of that image using get()
  • Access the pixels of an image and for a particular color change that pixel with a pixel from another image (green screen effect)
  • Take an image and draw it with rectangles with the proper colors
    • Make those rects explode along the Z-axis based on the brightness of each pixel ( you need to set P3D in the size statement at the beginning of the sketch, i.e. size(512,512,P3D) )
    • Make it interactive with the mouse, the further you move the mouse in one direction the more it explodes, or goes back to it’s original position
  • Take an image and draw it with rectangles or circles with the proper colors
    • Using a class/object from before (like the letters sketches), or some other generative movement algorithm, make the shapes move around on screen in various ways and then return to their  home positions when you press a key

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