Final Project Concept

Since the last post, I’ve changed my idea from the Morse code game to an interactive installation where people can interact with the art displayed by plucking at the El wires. Each of the El wires are attached to different points on the wall and the other end of the wire will be tied down so there is enough slack. Once a wire is touched, it should vibrate and triggers the Arduino to connect with Processing so that it can display drawings on the wall. The El wires would also glow when this happens and when it’s idle, the wires won’t light up, so ideally, this project would be placed in a dark room. 

What I Need:

  1. El Wires (different colors if possible)
  2. Hooks for walls to tie the wires onto
  3. (Not-too-sensitive) vibration sensor — possibly analog vibration sensor?
  4. Projector
  5. Speaker (for music) — may or may not need it depending on whether I can find the right sound for the plucking of wires

Top 3 Difficult Problems I Might Run Into:

1. Connecting El Wires to Arduino

I have to solder the El wires to the Arduino and since the El wires come with an inverter, I’m worried about how that works too since I’ve never used one before. With that also comes with the trouble of programming these wires to do exactly what I want. I’m thinking the wires can come in at an angle so maybe I would need a corner of the room.

2. Projection mapping of effects onto specific locations of the wall

I think the way to make sure the wires hit the right spot on Processing art on the wall would be trial and error. Depending on where I put the projector, the size of the screen may change, so I’m worried about having to readjust the projector every time I’m testing. I also have to think about where I should put the projector so that the user isn’t blocking anything.

3. Making sure the Arduino doesn’t detect movement of El Wire when no one is touching it.

From previous experience, I have a feeling that the vibration sensor would let me down by detecting very small vibrations or by being very sensitive. I also have to find where the best place to attach the sensor is and how I should attach it so that it doesn’t end up falling after a while.

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