Finding Meaning in Computing

I’ve always been fascinated with the prospect of utilizing computing or coding as a medium to generate art, and discover intersections between the visual and the tangible. So I felt that Interactive Media would be ideal in helping me explore and combine art and technology, and when we started delving deeper into using Processing, it made me realize that I might be a little closer to visualizing some of my projects. Having no prior experience in coding, it was kind of a challenging process to execute a lot of the concepts I had in mind, and I would end up being frustrated most of the time. However, I came to understand that this is a new world of possibilities that only recently opened up to me, and I know more now than when I started out. It’s also already a huge milestone that I can look up functions online and more or less understand how to employ them in Processing to achieve certain effects. It’s also quite interesting how we’re now learning about the ability to combine Arduino and Processing, which really enabled me to think about all the possible intersections between different programs and coding languages.

I’m hoping that the projects I created in this class so far, are only the beginning of my computing journey and the belief that I still have a lot to learn is a little comforting at the moment. As the deadline for the final project looms near, I was really hoping to surprise myself with some badass coding skills I  have stored in my subconscious, but I think it’s important for me (and all of us really) to be ambitious but within the limits of our current knowledge.

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