What Computing Means to Me

I think that computing has become a very important part of my life because it has opened up many ways for me to express myself and create. I find it fascinating how computers are able to do pretty much anything we want as long as we are able to code it and provide it all the information necessary. This is still one of the most frustrating yet rewarding parts of computing for me: learning how to code. It can be so tantalizing yet exciting when I want to create something I conceived and I really have to understand why the program is doing this and not doing that. I will always feel like there is something that I can improve upon for all my projects, more techniques I can learn and more creative barriers to tackle using my skills in computing.
But what excites me the most is computing’s potential. Computers have clearly changed the world dramatically over the past few decades, and I often think about how this impacts the way people think and the way we function. I have mixed feelings about computers and their effects on society and this is a big reason as to why I am so drawn to interactive media and computing. I am especially excited to see how computing will change the world in the future, and am thrilled to be a part of this process and gaining the skills necessary to perhaps shape it. In summary, computing means a lot to me: it means power, it means frustration, it means being precise, it evokes feelings of dread in me when thinking about the future, apprehension, while also making me feel happy, playful and in awe of how convenient life can be in the age of computers. The usefulness of computing in my personal life and as a potential career, combined with how important it will be for humanity’s future make it one of the most interesting things that I have ever had the opportunity to explore. 

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