The Story So Far…

Personally, this class has opened my eyes to a whole new world. Before this, computing (and I think mostly programming) was a very distant concept to me. It was not something that I thought could add anything to my life.  However, after doing all the work and especially the readings that we have done this semester, I truly think that computing is one of the most important things in the world and affects many aspects of my and other people’s lives that I had never considered.

I think computing has brought the world a lot closer together by improving communication – be it, between individuals through machines, between individuals and machines or machines on machines – the capacities of these have greatly increased innovations and have revolutionized in how the world responds to issues. I’m not yet sure how computing could make me a better person specifically but it has definitely taught me patience and perseverance – to not give up when something goes wrong but instead, to keep at it until it works (or ask for help!). It has also taught me to have a lot more respect for those that are in the computational field as I understand how things that appear simple on the surface are actually more complicated than you think. I know that this is not necessarily my field of interest and is actually very far from my comfort zone, but I hope I continue to learn more and enhance my skills in this area because I really have enjoyed pushing myself.

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