Iron Man Glove by Nick and me

Concept of the Game:

3D videogame controls an iron man glove and a button to shoot, obstacles will be shown flying at the user and the user would have to aim and destroy the obstacle.

Materials Needed:

  • glove with Ultrasonic or Infrared sensors
  • button controller
  •  Environment made in processing
  • Box Surrounding the user to detect the distance.


  1. We will create a glove similar to the iron man glove with infrared sensors and ultrasonic light that will detect the distance from the hand to the box that will surround the user.
  2.  The values gathered by the sensors will cause movement in an aiming box in the processing environment
  3. If the aiming box is at the same location as the obstacle and the user shoot,  a laser beam will be shown in the screen and the obstacle will be destroyed
  4. The player will have one minute to destroy as many obstacles as possible. At the end of the game, we will show a scoreboard with the highest scores.


Creditst to the following videos and avengers Endgame for giving us the inspiration to this videogame.




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