Final Project Idea

For my final project, I hope to create an interactive installation that combines both light and sound that uses analog input that influences both LED and a generative art piece created using Processing.

Here is a rough sketch of the project.

I realize that it is hard to see these sketches, but essentially I plan to have one large projection of a Processing sketch, and in front of that, six beams that hold LEDs, and finally a control panel for the user.

The Processing sketch will be able to be controlled by the user through a large touch sensor, or a series of touch sensors, and effects will happen in the corresponding spot on the sketch that the user touches on the touch pad. I am still not sure how to do this, or if this is even possible to do considering that I want the correspondence to be very precise.  I am in the process of looking at pieces of generative, interactive art created using Processing that I might be able to gain inspiration from.

Secondly, I will create a second control panel with six touch sensors that will correspond to each of the LED beams hanging in front of the user. These will be clear acrylic beams with three RGB LEDs inside. When there is no touch or force detected, the LEDs will remain at a certain brightness. When a touch is detected, the LED will light up exactly how strong the force the user puts into the sensor. Each LED will have exactly one color that the user is able to manipulate. A touch of the sensors will also result in a corresponding sound being played aloud.  The beams will also appear to “wrap around the user,” with the closest beams being directly to the right and left of the user.

The Processing sketch will also have a sound being played, probably a more bass-like, ambience noise, while the beams and their sensors will produce sounds that correspond to musical notes.  This will allow the user to be immersed in a sound and light piece that they are able to see direct feedback from.

As of now, I believe that these are the parts I require:

  • 18 RGB LEDs
  • 6 panels of transparent acrylic
  • 6 sound amplifiers
  • 6 force/touch sensors (small)
  • 1 large touch sensor with the ability to detect where the touch occurred (I do not know if this is possible)
  • 1 projector

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