Response to chance operations

The way the make “random” pictures is just incredible. I would really love to discuss more in detail how they created these (3:46 time stamp) pictures. I really love the way they had some sort of variables which can be easily changed. They can choose the shape and the behavior of the shape. Isn’t that incredible? Using these variables that can easily be changed you can create a big load of different pictures/images. All of them are basically created “with a roll of a die” by choosing random variables. More what I like about the video is the “Chance of code” section (22:22 timestamp). There he talks about the history of random pictures using code. An example is the image at 25:27. He says that it is one of the first random pictures generated by a computer using variables. The most interesting part though was how different patterns were drawn in a commander 64. It is really amazing. What amazes me is the way simple characters can create such patterns. Everything we see in our life can have a nice and pretty patterns ­čÖé

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