Self Portrait

The task for this week was to create a self-portrait using processing.  To solve this task, First, using ellipses, rectangles, and other primitive shapes from processing, I attempted to draw a human being as similar to myself as possible. After this, I realized that if I have full beard a look really different compared to when I am clean shaved so that’s why I decided to add the option that if the mouse is in the bottom part of my face then I beard will show up.  This interaction was created with an If statement and delimiting the pixels of the bottom part of my face. Then, also a blink interaction was added. Using the method as the beard, the user has the option that if he clicks in the eye section the eye will blink once. Finally, colors were added to the draw.

The biggest challenge for this assignment was setting up the location for the objects, I am not used to using this type of coordinates and I struggle with finding the correct coordinate where I wanted to put the object. My takeaway from this assignment is that the more organized and clear you set up your variables the easier will be to find the proper coordinates for the object and to later delimit areas to create interactions.


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