Response to Physical Computing’s Greatest Hits (and misses)

As a computer science student, I always think about what else to make especially when a lot of what I come up with has already been created in some way or another. Nothing seems revolutionary and I still think that way after reading the blog post.

I love how a lot of the project themes that were mentioned on the post were already created by us and there were so many variations of it. We’ve done musical instruments, floor pads from the first week, tilty stands, things you yell at, remote hugs, etc. I’ve also done video mirrors with Microsoft Kinect, and hand/body as cursor projects in my other classes. There are definitely room for many additions so that they become very elaborate and complicated projects. In terms of technicality, the projects seem to narrow down to similar code.

For me, it’s especially hard to come up with projects because I still have that mindset of “it’s already been done. The project I want to make won’t be very unique.” Therefore, I think the hardest part of creating projects is having the creativity to make something great.

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