Response: A Brief Rant on the Future of Interaction Design

I think that Victor makes some really good points in his article. Although this might seem odd, but it was not until he mentioned that humans desire some feedback from the tools and objects they are manipulating that I realized how important this was. Specifically with his mention of the iPad keyboard being not nearly as fun to play or immersive as playing an actual keyboard or piano, I realized just how important feedback is in the experience of using a product. Feedback not necessarily in the form of getting the desired outcome(s), but other things that make the product immersive, creating a “genuine” experience for the user.

As we start doing more and more things with our phones, tablets, laptops, Victor makes an extremely good point that there may be something lost from losing feedback and an immersive process as these tasks become “computerized.” As an aside, I really find the discussion of how humans will react to technological advancement thought-provoking. How will everything becoming computerized influence the human condition, when tasks that humans have been doing for millennia become reduced to something that can be done in a matter of seconds with a machine?

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