A Completely Immobile Life

I liked how Bret responded to the criticism/comments on his rant. It makes it more personal and makes it seem like he really cares and doesn’t want people to get the wrong idea. Good on you, Bret.

I liked his comment about how voice isn’t exactly where he thinks the future is but “if voice gets you excited, do it”. It was inspiring to know that, even though he wasn’t passionate about it, if you can recognise the potential in something and get excited about it, then you should absolutely pursue research in that field. Maybe you’re on to something.

His idea that in the future, if the computer continues progressing the way it is (I.e. not interacting with the physical world and the body), then humans will face the risk of becoming completely immobile. While this is terrifying, and is a very real fear we should strive to stay away from, it just reminded me of that scene from Wall-E with all the overweight people in the chairs who don’t know how to walk. I feel like that’s where humanity is heading if we don’t get active with our technology.

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