Midterm Proposal — Bottled Boat

My midterm project was inspired while we were talking about having water on our projects and exploding.

I want to make a boat that has an Arduino attached to it. The boat will be made of plastic material so that it doesn’t sink (maybe inside a water bottle?) and will be enclosed so wires are not expose to the water.

For the sensor, I would be using an ultrasonic sensor for distance sensing, so that the boat knows to not go any further if it is near the surrounding wall of the box. I will attach two servo motors that is attached to some propeller looking object (I’d probably make the propeller myself from plastic). These two servo motors will control the direction the boat will move in.

  1. Moving forward — left moves counter clockwise, right moves clockwise
  2. Moving backwards — left moves clockwise, right moves counterclockwise
  3. Moving left — left motor rotates
  4. Moving right — right motor rotates

Users will press different buttons to move whichever motor. For example, if you want to go left, you would press a button for the left motor and another button for the direction of the motor.

One thought on “Midterm Proposal — Bottled Boat”

  1. Sounds great Amy. Give some thought to the interface design. Think about all the stuff we’ve read this semester and try to make the interface as intuitive as possible to use. It shouldn’t be a couple of buttons on a bread board. Also, what will be holding the water?

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