Stage Design Midterm Idea

Since my primary passion in life is bringing technology into theater, I am interested in making a small model of a stage. In this model, I would have some set design that is attached to servos and leds/string lights to light the space. I would then be able to change the set and lighting design from a board on the outside of the model.

Features would include:

1) Lighting changes

2) Set changes

3) Curtains pulled back at start

4) All controlled from breadboard using sensors and buttons

I will be focused less on the entertainment side of IM and more on the functionality of it and its application into theater.

One thought on “Stage Design Midterm Idea”

  1. When you’re designing and building this try to make it so it doesn’t have to be reset by hand, i.e., the curtain can close AND open via the knob control. Also, give some thought to the interaction design and presentation of the interface. I could see this as a fun thing for kids to explore what stage design in theater is.

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