Musical Instrument

For this week’s assignment, Steven and I created a machine that plays the drum and the piano.

To create the drum, we attached pairs of chopsticks on each servo motor and super-glued it together. We used a potentiometer to control the speed of the drumming; one hit the Pringles can and another was attached to a paper ball that made noise.

Some of the problems we came across was trying to make the piezo buzzer louder and also being able to control the speed of the servo motor based on the analog input of the potentiometer.  We are still unsure about how to make the piezo buzzer louder, but we think it might be because there isn’t enough voltage going through to the buzzer.

The Tone library and Servo library were also not allowed to be in the same program, which we did not know about in the beginning, so we had one Arduino program for controlling the servo and another to control the piezo buzzer.

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