A Brief Rant on the Future of Interaction Design Response

Bret Victor’s post about the future of interaction design was very compelling to me because it made me question what the future looks like. I’ve always thought “What else can we make when everything’s already been invented?” I think the reason why developers are creating more and more apps through a screen is because there’s so much more you can create on phones, tablets, etc. Even within his own post, Victor does not mention any technology that’s not Pictures Under Glass, but I acknowledge the fact that he is writing this post to inspire younger generations to think of something more revolutionary than what is currently thought of as the future of interaction design. 

I believe the future is the screen because outside of that, what can you really create? I agree with Victor’s point about how these screen technologies leads us to lose connection with the task that we are performing. Isn’t that somewhat the purpose of technology though? It’s suppose to make your life easier; what if you’re too lazy to use your hands? Some people want things done with a swipe of the finger.

I respect what Victor has to say about the future of interaction design, but I really don’t know what else to expect than a screen that can do so much more than what we humans are capable of.

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