What is Interactivity?

The Art of Interactive Design by Chris Crawford, acts as a guide for explaining the nuances of using the term interactivity, and describing which experiences can be deemed interactive. Crawford clarifies that the term interactivity is often contested and misunderstood, as people attribute it to user experiences that do not necessarily interact with the user, but rather simply provide a reaction or a response. It was interesting to see how Crawford compares interactivity to a conversation, where two or more entities engage in active dialogue; having to carefully listen and think in order to produce an adequate response  (or speak).

Moreover, establishing that successful conversation through “listening, thinking, and speaking”, is metaphorical in the sense that it does not have to exclusively occur between two humans; since these are processes associated with the human senses. Crawford illustrates that such conversations can occur between different types of system – both digital and analog. I felt like the reading acted as only the tip of the iceberg for the discussion on interactivity

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