Playing cards switch!!1!!1!

Greeting fellas,

So today I was wondering what type of switch to do. We were told we need to make a switch not using our hands, but what if someone else triggers the switch (I’m not using my hands for it, duh).

So what I did was is connected the LED as we did in class and then the wire that goes from the power (5V) to the LED i just divided it into two. One part is connected to an edge of a card using tape, the edge had foil tape and the other one is connected to another card the same method. After that I place a card in between them to separate the contact and ask someone to pick a card (the middle one of course).

There we go, didn’t use my hands to trigger the switch ­čÖé

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  1. Hi Max, FYI, I edited your post to include the video directly in post. This is easy to do, just select a video block and then paste the video link in when making the post.

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