Nose Boop Switch

I didn’t take a video of myself demonstrating it for privacy reasons.

My project is a simple drawing of a woman’s face. The person interacting would wear the yellow nose patch on their face, and “boop” the painting’s nose, and the LEDs would turn off. This assignment started with a lot of failed trials. At first, I tried to use Electric Paint to build my circuit but then I lost track of all I was doing and ended up over complicating a very simple solution. I ended up using wires and conductive cloth for the switch.

Second Attempt with Resistor.

One thought on “Nose Boop Switch”

  1. Good job on getting this working! This is a really great project too. I really like the idea of using the nose touch as the basis of this exercise. I totally understand about not showing yourself for privacy, but maybe show someone else, and/or blur their face out? The real power in your project is recreating an act of affection/greeting/importance/etc. from your culture and that gets lost a little without having someone in the video. I could see you developing this further at some point if you wanted to. Nice painting too.

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