FFTs and force sensors

For this project I recycled some code from an earlier project. Instead of distorting the webcam image using the position of the mouse on the screen, I input from a force sensor. One can also turn the Fourier transform plot on using a switch. Below is a .gif showing the images on the screen. I also have two photos of the physical setup. I would have taken a video but my phone doesn’t have any space left 🙁

For those who are interested, I’m actually using the method I’m employing in my Processing sketch for my capstone! By cutting away high frequency channels in the frequency-domain matrix, one can extract features. Even when I’m using about 100th of the original data, one can still see some of the main features in the spacial-domain image. In my capstone, I’m using this method to get rid of noise in signals from a dark matter detector.


IMG_20151115_225140 IMG_20151115_225151

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