Distort Word Art

I went on to the site: http://www.creativeapplications.net/processing/100-abandoned-artworks-processing/ to start finding interesting repetition patterns in animations. The videos on that page feature these subtle movements using the same shape over and over again, so I took my Snow code and essentially reworked it so that it made a simple distortion pattern across the screen. It looks like diagonal lines of dots moving around randomly, but it’s actually several columns of dots aligned together, and they move around in a synced way to give the illusion of these flowing lines. Then, I added some word art, because I thought this would be an interesting way to show a characteristic of the word “DISTORT”. By using animation and visualization, this word is kind of expressed through the piece.


class Snow {
  float ySpeed;
  float xPos;
  float yPos;
  float opacity;
  float snowflake;
  Snow() {
    ySpeed = 0;
    xPos = 1;
    yPos = 1;
  void snowball() {
    fill(240, opacity);
    for(float a = 0; a<=width;a=a+1){
      ellipse(xPos+a, yPos+a, 2, 2);
      ySpeed = random(-3,3);
      yPos += ySpeed;
    void bounds() {
      if (yPos >= height || yPos <= 0) {
        ySpeed = ySpeed * -1;
  void opacity(){
    opacity = map(yPos,0, height,255,0);

Snow[] unicorn;
String distort = "DISTORT";

void setup() {
  size(800, 600);
  unicorn = new Snow[20];
  for(int q = 0;q<unicorn.length; q++){
    unicorn[q] = new Snow(); 

void draw() {  
  PFont font = createFont("AppleSDGothicNeo-Thin-48",64);
 for(int q = 0;q<unicorn.length; q++){


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