Through Glass

A house without any windows would feel suffocating. It’s not really the issue of having enough light. Even if you had enough artificial lighting inside the house to make it seem like you are outside in the broad daylight, it would still feel too enclosed. Windows provide a way for people to continue to stay connected to the outside world while being able to enjoy the comfort of being indoors. Even though you wouldn’t continuously stare out of the window, being aware of the fact that it is possible to do so is weirdly comforting. Whatever you see through your window, a simple glance over it helps you stay relative to the environment that you are currently in, both in physical space and time. It provides an important connection to the outside world that are necessary for people to carry out daily activities.

A window also provides an interface for people standing outside of its attached architectural structure. Windows offer a means to get a glimpse of lives of strangers. It’s really hard not to unconsciously stare into windows of buildings when walking down the street, and sometimes what we see tend to spawn our imagination about the probable occupants of the space. For example, every time I pass by the house with a huge disco ball hanging from the ceiling in my neighborhood I can’t help but smile, trying to imagine what kind of a person the resident would be. Even if the blinds are drawn of the window, it still says something about the owner of the space behind the walls (maybe that they are not big fans of too much sun?).

A window is a very unique structure offering different experiences depending on which side you are looking through it.

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