Simple Work of Art

After looking at the images, the first image stuck out to me, specifically, the lack of order in the image. In my own, I added color to highlight the disorder as well as add disorder with the contrast between the colors.

For this week’s assignments, I had many different ideas on what I wanted to do, but instead of exploring the many ideas, I found myself playing with this one for a long time, making small changes to see what it would do to the image, changing the size of the rectangle, the color of the fill, background, and stroke. While working, I was listening to music, and it was so satisfying to watch the music somehow sync with the visual image, which I think could also make for an interesting future project.

While I previously used the push and pop function for a very simple result, understanding the function, was important as changing the angle component of the function could make a significant change to the final result. In the future, I would aim to make it more 3-D looking to get a result like or even add a shape in the background to give a layered look as seen in the first image:

Self Portrait

As I began the assignment, thinking about what I wanted the end result to look like made me nervous, so instead, I began by concentrating on specific features and how I could best highlight my features using shapes I had learned to make in class. In a way, while I didn’t have a specific style in mind, as in a more cartoon-looking or abstract, by focusing on these features it became more and more realistic. One thing that was a bit tedious was making my face symmetrical, I went back and for quite a bit, and even used lines the way you would draw a symmetrical face on paper. Throughout the assignment I wanted to “keep it simple” so I avoided the use of variables, which had I used to center my face, I would have had a much more efficient process for making the rest of my face symmetrical. I also found myself going over small details once the main part of the portrait was done, with that I added a background of bright colors, I don’t think it would be an accurate representation of me if that wasn’t included. Overall, I was not only able to apply concepts I learned in class, but also learn new ones, experiment, and truly enjoy creating something.